Tuesday, June 16, 2009

OMPH Feastday 2009.....begins on June 19.

Its that time again to " Make Her Known"...yep!...its the OMPH Parish Feastday 2009. The theme this year is " Mary, Mother for All". The celebrations will begin this Friday June 19 at 740pm with Novena prayers. (please enlarge the poster below for the schedule)

Coincidentally on the walls of the church are paintings of Mother Mary which have been there for several years now. I was told it was painted by a young parishoner while waiting for his results.

It depicts the image of Mother Mary, probably as seen through the the eyes of an individual's culture, nationality and perhaps the time in history when ones belief in Her was realised.

All of the images reflect the same theme, that of a baby appearing comfortable and secure in the arms of its mother... irrespective of its background... a "Mother for All"