Friday, March 23, 2018

The Roti Man (Bread Seller) .... 1982

Fully laden ...... the roti man ......a trader on wheels

...utilised every bit of space available. Those were the days.


Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Once Upon A Time – Indian Kueh Seller

This photo was taken early in the 1980’s of the Indian Kueh seller. Interestingly he sold ‘nyona kueh’ as well as the fried popiah.

The pushcart had replaced the carrying pole of the time. Noted too he had a stove at the back though I did not think of checking it out then. Could he have been selling mee rebus.

He must had wondered why I wanted to photograph him cause he had a real steely look about him.

No doubt his life was a tough one. But looking back I am glad I took the shot cause I don’t see these hawkers any more.


Wednesday, December 20, 2017

The Durian Festival of 2008

Vibrant batik colours and local fruits add to the beauty of Perak
The Durian Festival held at Bukit Gantang,Perak in 2008 was more than a festival.  

It was a Tourism Malaysia event and Azalina Othman was its Tourism Minister while Tajol Rosli the Chief Minister of Perak then. 

Over 20,000 fruits were brought in
The durian was the attraction with over 20,000 durians brought in but it showcased more of the culture of Perak and possibly of the wonderful community spirit at Bukit Gantang then.

A relaxing morning at Bukit Gantang
On Call....the durian opener

It was the culture of Perak with vibrant colours of the dancers and the accompanying performance, so energetic with smiles of total enjoyment.  

Colorful dancers .....
..... frolicking in fun ....

and totally captivating....

The silat display with accompanying music, the durian by-product delicacies and the lunch following the event all added to a delightful weekend.

.... martial arts and accompanying cultural music .....

...a community that work as one .......

The lunch..local fruit, roti jala, rendang tok .....gastronomic

It was a gastronomic delight and then more because it showcased Perak’s rich and wonderful culture.


Saturday, June 24, 2017

A Cold Beer at Big Johns Music Shack

 John Lomax (right.I’m English) and Chris Hughes (at left he’s Welsh).
If you ever fancy a cold sundown amidst a garden setting head on down to Big Johns Music Shack over at Green Town.

It’s run by two senior guys, John Lomax (I’m English) and Chris Hughes (he’s Welsh).

Cold Sundown for the evening heat
Big John’s is spacious and its nice place on a bright evening to greet the night and have a cold sundown or three before heading back for a meal.

Nice garden setting in the heart of the city
Great place to unwind at the end of the day. Hazme Blues Band comes on Friday and Saturday.

Big Johns Music Shack, the great English pub atmosphere is at 3 Lebuh Satu, Greentown 30450, behind the Paradigm Club.


Thursday, March 9, 2017

Beautiful Lubok Timah

The signage of "Lubok Timah' against a backdrop of a scarred landscape belie a different picture.
Set amidst the scarred landscape of the quarries that is characteristic of Simpang Pulai is the tranquil oasis cum picnic ground that is Lubuk Timah. 

The signboard of Lubuk Timah against the backdrop of a hill that is being slowly leveled belies the beauty of this picnic ground in which a clear river runs through and which has a natural hot-spring together.

A bridge connects both sides of the river. 
When I visited this place in 2012 its attraction was just the river and hot-springs.

Earlier in 2012 the location was very basic.......

....the natural hot-spring was built around a cement enclosure next to the river.
The natural hot-spring was built around a cemented enclosure at the side of the river segregating it from the refreshing river water.

...the same hot-spring but upgraded.
The cemented hot-spring has been tiled making the experience more pleasant.

A 1Km distance away is a dam across the river. The access to the dam which used to be accessible by foot now has a tarred road that goes round the park.

The 'Dam' set in a tranquil setting
 Lubok Timah is a far cry from before. Now it has camping facilities, toilets, ample parking, picnic tables and even ponies for riding. 

It certainly is a far cry from when I last visited it and is very pleasant indeed.

Lubok Timah is an ideal getaway on a hot afternoon.
 Ipoh has so many scenic spots like these it’s a pity it is not promoted for one and all to enjoy.