Saturday, November 28, 2009


 It’s the school schoolidays again.

The majority of Ipoh Children work out station because there is a severe lack of good paying jobs here. During weekend public holidays and school holidays they usually return home with the whole family in tow to visit parents and grandparents which commonly results in packed coffee shops and their favorite eateries.

That was the scenario yesterday Saturday Nov 28 outside of Foh San Dim Sum Restaurant. Located  along Jalan Leong Sin Nam it is one of several Dim Sum outlets on this road which is popular with breakfast Ipohites

Knowing about this regular scenario the DAP team (Uncle Lim, legal speaker Siva, YB Kula. Thomas, Mee Meng and more) set up their voter registration kiosk immediately outside Foh San restaurant.

The response to this exercise was good with many young faces lining up and filling up registration forms.

Perak, explained YB Kula has 1.3million eligible voters. Of this number close to 500,000 are not registered despite the Election Commission having spent RM100 million on a registration exercise.Interesting data which the DAP are apparently putting to good use early to attract voter sentiment.

DAP's goal is to tap all the eligible voters though they are targeting  the youthful voters who have so far been providing support for the party. This is part of DAP's aggressive 'voter-registration-technique' a DAP in-house competition to register 10,000 voters by February 2010. The competition, constituency vs constituency, is focusing on the constituencies in the Kinta Valley. Whether or not these voters actually cast their votes in the next election is a dual guess.However if they do exercise their right "well the option is there ready and waiting"
Somehow when the DAP does something an example being this voter registration exercise, well even that feels like a holiday!!!!All the best guys and ....

Friday, November 27, 2009

FREE: Heritage Maps of Old Town Ipoh

I have got to hand it to the Kinta Heritage Society group. Those chaps have published a Heritage Map of Old Town and are giving it out FREE!!. 

They have left their maps at Hotels and the Railway Station. I was told that when they gave the maps to the State Tourism Office, the tourism office asked for more copies to take down to Singapore, if not mistaken, on November 8.
The free map outlines the heritage trail around Old Town starting from the Railway Station to the Kinta River and borders between St Michaels Institution and Hugh Low Street Bridge.
The map has write ups of the popular heritage buildings, concubine lane and such.

Below, Concubine Lane, past, present and ???Future??

What a commendable effort by this NGO group. It certainly puts the state tourism office in a spot. But then again they probably are used to it by now.
Now if only KTM, our railway authority would add more coaches coming to Ipoh during this holiday season KL-ites could take the train to Ipoh Station and tour around Old Town, devour the delicious foods before taking the evening train back to KL.And by-the-way, KTM.....can you improve your ticket sales system...just to buy a ticket takes like forever especially during the peak season!!!