Wednesday, November 2, 2016

All Souls Day 2016@St Michaels Church, Ipoh.

All Souls Day 2016 at St Michaels Church cemetery.

The weather was warm but the sky was cloudy with clear blue skies on All Souls Day 2016.

The cemetery at St Michaels Church had been tidied up and was covered with white marble chips, 
St Michael's Church. My parents are interred at the church cemetery.
White marble chips amidst a tidy setting make for a pretty picture.

Amidst the backdrop of crosses and a blue sky the cemetery looked a pretty picture.

Cemeteries are places we go to visit our loved ones but with age we tend to meet with old family friends seen only occasionally.

I was there to say a prayer at my parents grave and those i knew that were interred there.
The grave of Sybil Kathigasu at the cemetery. 

I stopped by the grave of Sybil Kathigasu, the heroine Eurasian nurse of Papan who was tortured by the Japanese during the 2nd World War and awarded the George Medal for bravery.

I similarly stopped by the grave of Datuk Brother Vincent Corkery, the former Director of St Michaels Institution (SMI) who passed away in March this year.
The graves of Fr Anthony Chong and Brother Vincent Corkery (right pix) Former SMI Teacher Clement Vythilingam at the grave of Bro Vincent.  

Bro Vincent appeared to have a good number of visitors and this included former SMI teacher Clement Vythilingam.

Interestingly Bro Vincent lies next to Fr Anthony Chong a former priest with St Michael’s Church.

 Also at the cemetery paying his respects to his parents. was Martin Jalleh, a religious yet political commentator who posts regularly on his Facebook page,
Martin Jalleh offering flowers for his parents. 

A lovely morning of fond memories.