Friday, May 15, 2009

Sign Up - Perakeans Voice your Conscience - with 1 million signatures.

Pakatan Wanita has launched a signature campaign to collect 1 million signatures calling to dissolve the Perak State Assembly.

They have titled their campaign as " Suara Hati Rakyat Perak" and are targeting for 1 million signatures by 1 week from today. After which they will submit a memo with the the signatures to Sultan Azlan Shah.

Below is a sample of their "Signature Form" for the campaign. Whoever is reading this can now print this form (A4 size), collect the signatures and then present it to your nearest DAP, Keadilan or PAS service centres.

The campaign is the idea of Ampang MP Hjh Zuraidah 2 days ago who hopes the campaign will exceed the million signature target.

For the record she was detained outside the Perak building on May 7

This afternoon she held the launch at Keadilan's Hulu Kinta Service Centre in Tanjung Rambutan, Ipoh ( pls click to enlarge photo)

... together with Wanita PAS's Norlida and Wanita DAP from B. Mertajam, Chong Eng. with all PR functions the atmosphere was multi racial, casual and easy going

..the heavy rain too didn't dampen the mood...

..PKR's Chan Ming Kai also 'contributed' his part during the "assembly" on May 7 to bring laughter to the gathering.



Sunday, May 3, 2009

Heard on Chandan Hill ... (2)

..."as the head of state at state level and head of the country at national level , the ruler plays a role in upholding stability and justice, and strengthening solidarity and unity"

..."the presence of the ruler helps in enhancing the effectiveness of the check and balance mechanism, thus strengthening the institutions of the legislature, executive and judiciary that have been created in the country, lifting the level of public confidence in the system of government and system of nationhood based on democratic practices, and the doctrine of division of power"

.....Raja Nazrin, during the pledge of loyalty, Special Investiture Silver Jubilee Celebration, Feb 3 2009

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Village Chiefs Protest their Termination

All 817  'Ketua Kampung' or Village Chiefs throughout the state who were dismissed without any reason gathered last week at the Jelapang community hall.
Their issues was they were elected and not appointed.
They have appointment letters from the state government that is valid for 2 years from August 2008 till July 2010.

..all the 817 chiefs attended...full attendance...these are grass root quality voters

..a full house......

..the chiefs are planning to sue MB Zambry's team and ignore his termination letter...they had initiated a 6 point proposal....

..the proposal was unanimously agreed by all present.

...its ALL HANDS UP.....


Friday, May 1, 2009

The May 7 Agenda.......

A copy of the agenda for the May 7 Perak State Legislative Assembly....there is only 1 item and that is to terminate the current speaker and appoint a new speaker.

..Other actions taken ahead include.....
1) state secretary has taken 'security' measures to "lock down" the state secretariat building (second time in 3 mths) from May 6-11 whereby members of the public are not allowed entry for the duration of the assembly.
2) coverage is restricted to only 13 media providers...all online news portals (other than tv3, rtm and bernama) and a host of other publications local and international are barred.
DAP's Lim Kit Siang has called this 'media restriction' a Fred Flintstone, stone-age mentality.