Thursday, June 23, 2016

Lahat Lane Chee Cheong Fun

I just 'discovered' a fantastic stall selling chee cheong fun and the flavour was super.
I love chee cheong fun but the stall serving it must have the 'old school'flavour ie teem cheong, sweet sauce, soy sauce and even the green chillies has got to be pickled right to reminisce on that 'chee cheong fun flavour' of old.
I heard of this stall at Lahat Lane many moons ago so when i was was returning from Tronoh one afternoon i dropped by since it was along the way . It reminded me of the 'old days' a stall under a big tree, zinc roofs and scattered table round the stall. The stall was clean, stainless steel top, ingredients covered when not being prepared so i decided to sit down.
But its the taste that counts and the the flavours was correct. The sauces was 'original' and the noodles good.
Fyi good for me means the noodles could just be eaten with soy sauce and that flavour too would be gastronomic. The lady said the ingredients was prepared by her Uncle who also used to sell at Sun Yuan Foong Old Town.
For sure i am going back to this 'Lahat Lane' stall in the near future.