Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Happy Deepavali@Little India Ipoh

I was stuck in a traffic jam at Lahat Road old town on Tuesday 2 days before Deepavaili. The Indian community along Lahat Road had set up stalls on the road and traffic was good for 1 lane only.The feeling of a festival was in the air so i parked the car and decided to try and capture the atmosphere.After all this area has now been named Little India.

Little India is located at the junction of Lahat Road and Belfield Street.

Note the white dome topped building in the middle...that is Ipohs Railway day when you take THEE DOUBLE TRACK TRAIN to Ipoh Little India is just within walking distance. Also the original Ipoh White Coffee Shop is just 2 blocks east of Little India.

Another view from the top floor of Sonali Boutique. I noted that this area has been named "Dataran Little India"

In the foreground is a water fountain (minus the water). This was the original location for the second Birch memorial dedicated to EW Birch the son of JWW Birch.

The original Birch Fountain ...donated by the Ipoh Chinese Business Community. (photo from the book 'Kinta Valley')

A view of the Dataran looking south.

Looking north. Note the name Little India under 'Silver Town Trading'

Stalls spilling onto Lahat Road...

Kedai VK Kalyanasundram..this shop has been here for ...can't remeber since when...5 foot way stall along Belfield Street...

just take a walk through here to get into the Deepavali mood.

deepavali foodies.....absolutely yummy.....

Kacang Putih from Buntong ?.....

bright coloured Indian clothing......lovely.....

traditional fashion!??

add some glitter....

Little India has been staging live shows since the beginning of the month.Tuesday was the last night.I came back that night....will post the night photos next.


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