Tuesday, March 31, 2009

How to judge a judge...a talk by N.H.Chan

I received this in the mail. It was the talk that was presented by retired Judge NH Chan. It was held at the Perak Bar office sometime in mid March. Lovely topic' How to judge the judge'...
Apparently a copy of the talk, 7 pages, was handed to those present. It was interesting reading related to Ipoh High Court judicial commissioner Ridwan Ibrahim's handling of the case whereby MB Zambry applied for a declaration that Speaker Sivakumar's suspending him and his executive council as unconstitutional and unlawful. Chan stated that "anyone who can read knows the application by Zambry cannot be sustained" and he refers to Article 72, Clause (1)...check it out on page 7 , which states ..." The validity of any proceedings in the Legislative Assembly of any state shall not be questioned in any court"..he goes on to add.."Any reasonably competent judge or layman who can read can dispose of the matter in a few minutes...Why must there be a delay for something as simple as this". If you read his notes....it simply implies that Najibs gang is taking us for a ride....wasting time trying to hang on to a position that was 'grabbed illegally'....while the economy is eroding the State of Perak does not have a chief minister to make concrete decision for a better tomorrow.....It was interesting reading. I don't dare to summarise the talk( i might take it out of context) so i have posted the 7 pages here for your individual reading pleasure.

page 1, 2 & 3

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page 4 , 5 & 6

page 7

Judicial commissioner Ridwan has since recused himself from this case on March 24.  .Many thanks to 'anonymous' for forwarding the material.


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caravanserai said...

The FC says
Under section 72 (1)
Bee Anne and gang are doomed
Yet they wanted to go ahead
On the possibility to stay on
On power, projects and prosperity

Likewise the police and MACC
Gung-ho after the state speaker and PR assemblymen
These uniformed officials showing contempt of the State Assembly
Yet so far they are free to allegedly crack havoc
Any way they please

The thing is
Laws are man made
So it can be twisted as he pleases
For his sins it is against man's laws
Unless it is divine law..........

Shifting post again
The judge changed last minute
The perception of biased manifested
Otherwise why change judge suddenly?

We will read
The wheeling dealing behind back doors
The dark shadows have emerged
Dim the light see them play
GE 13 see them out of stage