Saturday, October 15, 2011

Oktoberfest in Ipoh???

On a cool night in Ipoh whats one to do after a hard days work..but..head on down to Frens Corner towards the Kinta river bank at the end of Jalan Tun Sambantan after Maybank.;;(picture below of Frens Corner..just open air corner with tents.. the tall building at the back is Maybank / Wisma U-Meng) Actually Frens Corner takes up the back portion of the Chinese Tin Miners Club building.

...interestingly that night there were these "Tiger Ladies" in Oktoberfest uniforms...Apparently only Tiger has done this promotion...and its nice..Oktoberfest with local interesting gimmick..but that's not all....the cost of the beer is RM12 only..."while stocks last"...can't complain can we???

....a little spirit with the usual variety of cuisine...

..nice open air environment...its a nice way to enjoy the night...

....btw...saw this on the wall going to u-no-ware...which incidentally was clean enough...



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