Saturday, August 6, 2016

Club YBU's Cool Hari Raya / Family Day Celebration 2016.

There was activity for the whole family 

After close to a month of Hari Raya celebrations it was a pleasure to attend an open house where the guests did more than chill on Raya delicacies and pleasant conversation. 

For a change there was a some activity and that was cycling and tandems in a cool setting at the Kinta Riverwalk site.

A good morning of family bonding 

The staff of YBBUDR brought their families. Throughout the morning there was much activity and as the sun rose around noon they took a break for their brunch or lunch with the Raya spread of goodies.
Good food for a relaxing get together ....

With live music which was in the tempo of cool and relaxing kampung swing it turned out to be a cool morning. 

Cool music during your meal...

The Kinta Riverwalk with its cool shaded trees was an ideal spot for a corporate get together. 

Kinta Riverwalk...shady trees amidst a cool environment make for a cool picnic setting.

The sight of whole families cycling and using the riverwalk under the cool shade was a wonderful image of managing the environment in our midst for the benefit of good team bonding. 



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