Thursday, September 15, 2016

OMPH Church Ipoh Celebrates The Mid-Autumn Festival

OMPH Church parishioners before the start of the lantern walk.
The Mid-Autumn Festival has been celebrated all throughout Ipoh town recently and OMPH Church not wanting to be left out held their own festival celebration at Parish level.
The event was organised by the Chinese Apostolate group. (above pix) Richard Choo from the Chinese group addressing the guests. (below) The MC's addressing the guest in English,Chinese and Bahasa Malaysia
The Parish event was organized by the Chinese Apostolate group and held at the Church premises last Sunday evening September 11.
Rev Fr Joseph Stephen welcoming the parishioners.
It was an elaborate affair with Parish Priest Rev Fr Joseph Stephens officiating at the event.

The evening started with dinner being served before the commencing of the activities.
A slide presentation explaining the origin of the Mid-Autumn Festival during dinner. 
While the parishioners dined a video explained how the Mid-Autumn celebration came about.
Dance presentation by the Chinese Apostolate group. 
The activities after dinner included dances by the Chinese section and games where both young and senior could participate in.
Games. Passing the hula hoop without breaking the human chain
The winners of the Treasure Hunt (above) and the participants(below)
A section of the parishioners viewing the activities
The final event of the night was the lantern walk held at the parking lot within the church.
The final event, the Lantern walk was what all the children were waiting for.
Some of the families that participated in the walk.
It was an evening of fun for the families in the Parish that concluded by 10pm.


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