Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Along the banks of the Kinta River .

Met some friends for yam char ( ended up with yum seng) yesterday evening at Frens Corner (thats the building on the left with the fluorescent lights) . Took the oppotunity to take some shots of the Kinta River since it was just next door!! The river makes for an idyllic shot as it meanders south towards the Perak river.

1) The building where Frens Corner is located is the Perak Chinese Mining Association( 1935)
The sign is still there but looks pretty quiet. One of its dynamic presidents was Lau Pak Kuan, a Tseng Lung Hakka . A road is named after him in Ipoh Garden.
2) In the background, right, is the Brewster Street bridge ( built in the 1920s). Its due to be replaced. I'm not looking forward to that. We'll have traffic chaos then.
3) Not in the picture but left of where i was standing was another hakka miners clubhouse founded by Leong Fee ( will paste a photo in a following post) . That building is called Han Chin Pet Soo.

The trees along the river bank were beginning to change to a flaming red. I'm hoping all the trees will turn red about the same time.
Another shot of the tree but against a different backdrop. It was almost sunset and the matching contrast of colors made for a pleasant photograph.
Now if only our MBI would trim the grass and tidy up the walking path it could be picture perfect.

As i finish writing todays post i realise that this part of town has an abundance of heritage stories that can be retold. I just realised also that the famous concubine lane, the 1st chinese theatre, FMS bar and so many other establishments are just a block or 2 away. Why the Celestial Cabaret was just on the other side of the river. In fact Ipoh life was concentrated mostly along the river those days. Hmmm...


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