Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Bananna leaf lunch @ stadium Perak

This is one of my favourite bananna leaf lunch spots.Its located at the Perak stadium , stall # 25. Its called Thillai stall.
I usually try to get there by 1130am coz at that time the food is freshly cooked and steaming hot. I feel very invigorated whenever i have an early lunch there.
Some of Thillais favourite dishes are cooked over a charcoal stove.
I notice there are more veggies available on Fridays. Veggies cooked the indian way are delicious.
I usually like to drown my rice in curry gravy, parapu and the likes. Then add some chutney to enhance the flavour. yum yum.!
Also on Fridays pai rasam is served. Earlier i thought it was too sweet. But now i love it.
Once it reaches 12+ the crowd will start to come in. Thillai only opens till 3pm. Bon appetite.

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