Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Country Drive..Ulu Chemor (3)..a Batik factory.

..there is a Batik factory at Ulu Chemor..called Fauzi Batik.

..this is the factory...

..another view of the factory...... rumah Fauzi ..

their showroom ..nice local'll be able to find shirts, kaftans, baju kurung and the likes here........

..his work is nice..sooo i made an order for mini effort to promote the local handicraft from ipoh& consists of 5 batik handkerchiefs per set ..all designs of common local flowers , size 43x43cm / 17x17 inches..i've called it the flower series ...the cost per set is RM30 not inclusive of delivery or gift wrapping..if you are interested please send me a message and i will arrange for the delivery..meantime to view the product please click to enlarge the photo below ..

geez.. an interesting turn.....i'm into e-trading...

cheers !

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