Friday, February 29, 2008

FMS Bar and Restaurant ..the last day ??

February 29th 2008 was the last day for the FMS bar and we know will be closed for the next 3 month for renovations...will it be the same ...well?? ...but for those that have walked through its "bat-wing " doors on many an occasion ..well we all dropped in for that "one for the road" nostalgia drink...and also to wish nephew another 'cheery hello'.....

i took this shot from nephews side of the bar.........with the regulars giving a cheer!..

..other regulars taking photos with nephew and the waitresses Florence and Iris....

even the press was there for that last shot of the FMS team....yep i'm gonna miss that heritage long bar....i still have memories of friends and relatives that would take a taxi from KLIA directly to the FMS first and i would have to pick them up from there after work...obviously we would have had a few rounds before checking in to the hotel or going home... for the road??".......

nephew signing off ......heres wishing Nephew, Florence and Iris..all the best

My earlier posting on the FMS was on Monday May 21 2007

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