Sunday, July 6, 2008

Padang Polo Fantasy

The Polo grounds can be a source of inspiration on a clear evening.Beauty is all around. I can't put it in words but i can paint it so that its beauty can shine through like a Fantasy that keeps flashing through my mind.

"Cherry Garden"

"Getting There"

"Winter in Kinta"

"Viewing Mount Korbu"




U.Lee said...

Hi, was taking a look at your various posting're a very good photographer.
What camera, lens you using?
Beautiful pics, and love your special effects.
I love photography, but more on portraits...I make women look beautiful with my camera, ha ha.
You have a nice day, Lee.

jubuhman said...


IGGY said...

Its fantastic. Bro I just want thank you for all the pictures you posted in your blog. The polo ground brings back nostalgic memories when I was used to jog there with my friends and also especially playing the frisbey in the middle of the field. The OMPH feast reminds me of my days as an alter boy there. Even though many years have passed by but the semangat gotong royong before and during the feast is ever alive. Keep it up and thank you.