Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Yau Tet Shin Market to be rebuilt.

YB Nga Kor Ming and Mayor Roshidi announced that they were planning to rebuild the Yau Tet Shin market on the same site where it stood before. The market ( as below) was built in 1961 but was demolished 30+ years later as it was structually unsound.
Towkay Yau Tet Shin was a Hakka miner who initially built 300 shophouses on the east bank of the Kinta River which subsequently became known as new town. The land was originally owned by the Panglima Kinta whom Towkay Yau purchased it from.

The mayor is now holding a public forum on January 14 2009 to hear the views of the rakyat on how the design should be. Wonderful, they are actually soliciting the views of the community.

Apparently a descendant of Yau Tet Shin had approached the Mayor to rebuild the building in memory of Towkay Yau. The Mayor had agreed as he felt it would be a heritage value to do so.
I actually find it hard to believe that city hall could be this creative. But I guess the changes we voted in last year are beginning to be felt.Lets just wait and see.



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