Sunday, August 9, 2009

.. Lat...... the original 1 Malaysia.

i happened to pick up the NST today and saw Dato' Lats cartoon. Great piece. His one drawing beats my 1 dozen photos. Whats more while there is so much gloom from the haze and h1n1 his drawing made me laugh. Imagine h1n1 moving so much faster than an F1 or Air Force 1. That makes h1n1 the No 1 for now. I tell you this Lat cracks me up. And yes..i've got most of his books. Prefer the earlier ones though.

By the way Lat was was born in Kota Baru( Perak) and studied at Batu Gajah and Anderson Ipoh. So that makes him a product of Ipoh and Kinta. He should be almost 50 by now. AND HE SPEAKS ENGLISH. Its so good he doesn't need to write pages. His one page says a hundred words. Whats the issue??. Well if he can speak jolly good english when he was taught 40 years ago (back then)...then..why on earth can't the later Malaysians speak good english too (imagine Professor Higgins from the play 'My Fair Fady' speaking). Anyway i know the reason. Its due to Wonky management. hahahaha.


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