Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Ipoh Indoor Hockey

If you are free check out the Asian Hockey Federation Indoor Hockey Tourneament at Indera Mulia Stadium. It started on Monday 3 August and lasts till this Sunday 9 August. I wasn't interested in this sport earlier but each game lasts an hour hence my attention span was kept interested.....??? This is the 2nd indoor hockey tournament held in Ipoh. Only 5 countries are participating this round. Malaysia, Iran, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Thailand and includes the mens and womens teams. India pulled out at the last moment. Seems they are going to be penalised for their last minute decision.
Below ...i caught a few games on the first day on Monday morning between Thailand and Uzbekistan (womens)

..the Thai team....

..the Uzbek team... on the photo to enlarge and check out the game times. Unfortunately most of the games are run during office hours. But its free. So if you have the time check it out. Fast action and besides the stadium is air conditioned.



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