Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Jumping Nangka Mastura (its a jack-fruit)

Saw this truck with these gigantic Jack-Fruit recently. There were 2 trucks along Bercham main road and the fruit was being on sale to passing motorists.

...the fruits were humongous..easily 3 times the size of a normal jack-fruit...and its called Nangka Mastura...geez thats a swell sounding name for a rotund looking fruit ..the price for a whole fruit (not separated) is RM4/kg.

...while the price of the fruit, separated and packed is RM10/kg. How was the taste ..well to me, not a great fan of the fruit, it tasted like the real thing.

....the 3 Malay youth selling these fruit said they were from Taiping and drove to Negeri Sembilan to purchase the fruit. The've been doing this for several years now.

..i tell ya my country has so much of surprises...there is literally something interesting around so many corners!!



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