Monday, September 26, 2011

The South West Monsoon hits town?

Imagine..just 2 weeks ago or more the weather was always hot, dry and worst of all...hazy...some mornings you'd wake up in the morning and see an orange sun ball ..then at 3pm in the afternoon it looked like it was going to rain but it was the haze blocking out the clear blue sky..yep the haze caused by our Indonesian neighbors...oh well..not much i can do about that except ..well write about it...

anyways i'm glad the monsoon is here...should be the south-west ...this time of the its clear blue skies...cleaner nostrils and though it rains most evenings getting around with a good umbrella (except if there's a low and strong wind) is quite enjoyable.. the way that green lung at the bottom of the picture...well enjoy it while you can...seems its supposed to be turned into a convention centre...3 stories high, seating for 2,500 pax with hotel and suites attached and will have 445 car parks. Regarding objections to get rid of the green space ..well its now stated the garden will be relocated to the roof top of the convention centre!
Sup..sup..sooi lor!!!semua boleh. Date of completion is anticipated to take 18 months. Work is schedule to start in November 2011. Heard the cost would be RM37 million with the funds being allocated from the state government



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