Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fathers Day Lunch ...Ipoh style.

I never heard of fathers day nor mothers day until a couple of years ago. So i guess it is the product of a marketing gimmick. Anyway when the family wants to buy me a makan what else is there to do but tag along lah! However keep the cost down. So we had the local Ipoh delicacy ie Nga Choy Kai...Lou Wong doesn't open so early so it was Onn Kee... usual the place was crowded ..but not packed.

..its been a long time since i had nga choy kai in town..i usually have it at my taman i can understand why so many outsiders blog about this place and its neighbor Lou was tasty and really good.the hor fun was smoothie and the soup great..the nga choy..cruncy and tasty..

..and these balls deelicious.. the fish ball was especially smooth and tasty.

The chicken cost RM15, the meat/fish balls..RM5 and the nga choyRM4.50. But more than the cost it was a delicious lunch.But that was not the end. At the next block was this place..with all the cars double & triple parked...

Funny Mountain tao ching tau fu fa...the best in town..i've been coming here for years though not in the last 18 months...

I recall those times the owners looked a bit older..must be succession planning..anyway these guys had that happy happy look so i asked them to smile for me...which they did and wanted to charge me RM5 for taking this photograph....happy hahahaha!

again..this stall is like theee best in the valley..the bill for 4 tao ching and 2 packed tao fu fa..RM5.80. The cars waiting was still double parked..

It was a hot i guess the cars would be double parked till evening...Undoubtedly one of the better Fathers day celebrations i have had..cheers!


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