Thursday, June 26, 2008

OMPH Parish Feastday (3) Preached Novena - Obeying the Word

Today was the 7th day of the Preached Novena..the topic was "Obeying the Word". The focus was on reconciliation - reconciling with one another , within the family and those around us.

Part of the activity was for married couples to renew their marriage vows.They came up to the altar holding hands to the accompaniment of the wedding march..had to look into each others eyes and renew their marriage vows...very touching.

Those couples that were married for 50 years were then invited to give their testimony on how they stayed married for so long...

..there was a new activity this year...blessing one another ie families blessing one another..husband blessing the wife..

brother blessing sister...children blessing the parents.... i heard this..the altar server blessed the priest....

..and after all the reconciling and blessing...fellowship with a snack.

Tomorrow is the last night of the preached Novena. The Feast Day is on Saturday evening.



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