Sunday, July 29, 2007

Green Town ...Ipoh

GreenTown was a suburb in Ipoh where the government quarters was constructed back in the 1920's. I recall that the staff from Telecoms and Post office used to live there then. Its border was from Green lane to Convent school in the east and going west along Jalan Abdul Jalil till just before Jln Chin Choon Sam.In the north its border was on 5th Avenue ( the road behind the GH) till Jalan Hospital ( then known as Jln Ashby)

Named after the chairman of the Kinta Sanitary Board CFJ Green ( 1920-21) it was a nice area, close to town. Lots of greenery and no fences. The timber houses were built on brick stumps whereby the children could play under the houses. It was a comfortable 'middle class' neighbourhood during its time.
All that is left of the Green Town now is this last remaining block of quarters next to the Green Town mall .

This is what its been replaced with........

not a bad replacement....cheers..!

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U.Lee said...

Hi, just a stranger looking for tin mines in Ipoh came across your blog.
Very nice posting...I just can't recoognise Ipoh from your well taken pics.
Used to live at Canning Gardens wayyyy back in the 70's, only for couple of years.
But I sure love Ipoh, its food, not to mention the very pretty girls too.
I enjoyed going thru your pics.
Oh ya, used to have couple of friends staying at Greentown too, in the early 80's.
You have a great week and keep well, Lee.