Sunday, April 19, 2009

Artilce 72, Clause (1).....

...of the Federal Constitution states that " The validity of any proceedings in the Legislative Assembly of any State shall not be questioned in any court"... the entire Rakyat can read and understand this...

...a year ago we went to the Polls and ..we selected the leaders we wanted...

...this "Band of Brothers" ...we want them to run our state...

...but somehow got changed to the 'Back Street Boys".....

..hence the call for .Fresh Elections. !!!


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caravanserai said...

The state of silver gone
Leaving the white sand
Hitting up the sky

The story of the back-doors
In the broad daylight
Capturing the government
Offering alleged concessions
They called them the “friendly the end”

The state ruler decided
Even though the sitting chief minister doesn't resign
To appoint another believing Bee Anne has the majority
On the “friendly the end”

The Apex Court determined Bee Anne rights
Ignoring the Federal Constitution section 72(1)
The separation of power of State Speaker in the Assembly
They have no authority to decide!

The state ruler never feels the pulse
The Perakians feel on the ground
Giving his speeches drawing out his thinking
Ignoring the sentiments of people in the state

The crisis now deepens
The Speaker still can bar the renegades
Before any proceedings begin
They should be barred from voting

The state ruler should dissolve the Assembly
Put forward in February to let the voters decide
If he really listens to his people........
He should know what to do

It is a sad day for me
Since I voted in Perak
For change and upright government
Not what I am saddled with
An illegitimate administration

Will the ruler listen?
Will he really feel the pulse of his people?
Tuanku do the right thing
Let the Perakians decide
Which party to govern the state