Monday, April 20, 2009

Heard on Chandan Hill

..."the fence surrounding the palace has never prevented my father from seeing the reality occurring in the state".....Raja Nazrin, during the pledge of loyalty, Special Investiture Silver Jubilee Celebration, Feb 3 2009

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caravanserai said...

Odd to say
Seeing it but do nothing
This isn't the way
Action always speak louder than words

Our institutions dwindle
Allowing the facades the rules change
For them people come second
It is a sad affair.....when they forget
People make them; they can take away too

Buddha saw what happened
In his father's palace of his people suffering
He went out to the streets gave up his splendour
For his people came first..............
This is why Buddha's name always spoken in great honor
For he took action he sat the wheels rolling

I can't say much of our institutions
Perak crisis is a sad history in the state
People wishes ignored totally
The back door stealing allowing it to happen

The history pages turning
Tearing noises wanting to change
Yet the past will not go away
It will stay even one wants to forget