Monday, April 27, 2009

M Indira Gandhi...Return my baby!!!

Below is a photograph of K Pathmanathan...the husband of M Indira Gandhi..who converted to Islam and also their 3 children without the knowledge of his wife Indira Gandhi. He then took the three children away from their mother 1 month ago. The Ipoh High Court on Friday April 24 instructed Pathmanathan to immediately return the 3 children to their mother

However he only handed over the elder 2 children. 1 year old Prasana is still in his cutody and neither the Police or Jakim officials know of his whereabouts nor the child. Indira Gandhi with help from the DAP team came out with these posters of the hubby and their daughter.

Its a long shot but no harm done if i post the poster on my blog. Anybody seeing this hubby with his baby please call the numbers on the poster.(click on the photo to enlarge)
thks all.


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