Monday, April 27, 2009

Residents don't like Jelapang 'frog' Hee Yit Foong

Anonymous forwarded me this advertorial page from the Sin Chew daily today. It has 600 names of voters who do not want the 'frog' Hee Yit Foong anymore. They are requesting her to resign and vacate her post. Now that she has hopped ..they want her to also hop out of their constituency....

..and to prove they mean business they took out a RM5,000 (supposedly) ad just to do so.


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caravanserai said...

Hee should go
Let the voters pressured her so
She isn't fit to hold her post
When she forgets the trust
Giving to her by the voters

For years she spoke against Bee Anne
Many years on Albino........
The wrongs and lies
Now she joined the same wagon

The voters got it right
Advertising in the chinese newspaper
It is hope it would help her changed her mind
In the State Assembly on 7 May 09

Zombie had said
There is a contract with the 3 frogs
I will agree with proper procedures
Not with the currrent crisis in Perak

The voters there shouldn't stop
They should pressure her to go
Let her realise she is wrong
She should make it good
When the time comes..