Thursday, May 10, 2007

Art Exhibition in was good too!

I went to an art exhibition on Monday and i enjoyed it.The last time i went to one in Ipoh was during my schooldays. Not that i know anything about art anyway.Just that i liked what i saw especially as it was about scenes around Ipoh and scenes that you won't find around anymore.

The title of the exhibition ...10 Impressions. These are the 10 artists that exhibited their water colour impressions. They actually forked out their own money to hold this exhibition, produce a lovely booklet, rent the Perak Kwang Tung Association hall..the works. Except for Khor all the other artists were born in Perak.
"White Coffee Shop, Ipoh" by Khor Seow Hooi.
White coffee started from this corner shop in Old Town,Ipoh and has spread throughout the country and overseas.

"FMS" by Yee Mook Sin ...the watering hole from those days. Its still popular today.A lovely place.

"Refreshing Stream, Sg Chepor" by Yee Mook Sin. A popular picnic area. If ever the quality of this area is altered you will have this painting to remind you of it.

"Old Style" house by Choy Chee Woon. Located in Kg Jawa this was the old Malay house next to Guan Yin temple, Brewster Road, on the bank of the Kinta River. This painting was done before the mid 1990's. Today trees have overgrown the cement structures.

A scene of a Palong. You wont see this mining scene around anymore. This was done by Tham Peng Choon. Lovely detail

Another mining scene ...a water monitor...done by Wong Kean Choon.
Dulang Wong Kean Choon. Note the palong in the background. All these mining scenes are from a time gone by.

"Pretty Chicks" by Wong Kean Choon. Not sure if the title refers to the chickens or the lovely ladies but the old style house on concrete pillars, bicycle and greenery has captured the old style local elegance of that time.
This is the man who put it together , Khor Seow Hooi , the organiser.
Why did he do this exhibition. ...because 'art in Ipoh is like a desert...hopefully by doing this we can stimulate some interest'...
I think he's off to a good start.

cheers and all the best.

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