Thursday, May 17, 2007

Kampung House @ Kg Kepayang,Ipoh

I was driving along the stadium road towards Fair Park when i thought i'd check out Kg Kepayang.Its right in the heart of town.The houses here are quaint and cozy like most of the kampungs.
Then i came along this house that had a good mix and match of plants and flowers which caught my attention.It reminded me of how my neighbourhood looked those days.

This is the flower bed along the road in front of the house.I stopped to check it out.Flowers growing wild and blending in beautifully with the undergrowth behind.This was interesting.
Even the chameleon on the pole was enjoying the view.
The driveway to the house was also well planned out. The compound was tidy and the flower beds were neat.This had to be the best planned garden in the kampung.Everything was in its place.

Another view of the house.A mini nursery. Very quaint.
...dancing ladies on a tree,
...trimmed flower beds make for a very picturesque garden

...cats tails...think thats what its called .. geez i haven't seen this plant in years.
Coming across a kampung house like this has been very pleasant.


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Azizi Ahmad Termizi: said...

Hye Kintakid

that's my mum's house. you've got to pay royalties for taking and posting the pics :-)