Wednesday, May 16, 2007

the Land Rovers of Cameron Highlands......

Yeah yeah..i can hear it from here...Cameron Highlands is not part of the Kinta Valley..its not even in Perak...But don't forget that the way to Camerons is thru Perak ie Tapah those days and now via Simpang Pulai.

Anyway i want to hilite about that super workhorse and great 4WD ie the Land Rovers of Cameron Highlands.I took these shots about a year back.These are not the newer models instead these are the old models of years gone by still going strong.These beauties are still carrying the produce from the farms to their destinations.
Thats how they do the transfers.
I'd be following behind one of these 4WDs fully laden when suddenly it would overtake the car in front of it and pull away to disappear around a bend.Some looked like it was tilting when they took a bend due to the height but i would see it down the road later unloading to a waiting lorry.

At the end of the day you will see these 4WDs parked along the road. One tyre in the drain at the side of the road.
A whole string of them. What an interesting scene.Nothing really glamourous just effective and functional machines.

Thats what a load normally looks like.There might be the Jap pick-ups around but i'm sure the Land Rovers will be around for quite awhile yet.


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