Saturday, May 12, 2007

The kampung houses of Ulu Geruntum , Gopeng

Took a drive into a kampung at Gopeng recently.It was around 4pm. Noticed alot of quaint kampung houses all of which were of bungalow proportions.This 'hut' below looked like a 'look out post' for the orchard.

The old style kampung houses.One thing about these houses is their wide open space area.
Another old style kampung house.Don't the coconut trees just blend in with the house.
Saw this house at a junction.The house on the left of the photo is a kedai.
Old and rusty zinc foof but it blends in with the jungle setting.The purple table cloth is an interesting contrast.
A close up of the 2nd storey.Below is the counter of the kedai. Note the astro dish!
This house was opposite the kedai.Nice flowers in the garden. Note the TNB lamp post in the center of the garden. Thats interesting isn't it.
A more modern kampung house.Note the garden chairs......... sit and savour the view of the lowlands below.
But this kampung house takes the cake..the house is painted red in colour and it looks great against the green background.

Youth on a bicycle giving the peace sign. The boys here were eveready to pose.It was nice driving through Ulu Geruntum,Gopeng in the evening.


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WeiJie said...

Hi, a really nice blog you have are amazingly capable of capturing the essence of Ipoh and its nearby towns...Currently studying overseas, your blog has helped alleviate the homesickness in me..:)