Saturday, May 5, 2007

Labour day .......trip to Singapore.

For a day of sightseeing we visited Sentosa. We checked out the Merlion. As you enter there is a movie telling about the legend of the Merlion.We went all the way to the top for a view from the Merlion head.
Lovely view from the top. It rained earlier so the weather was beautiful and clear.
Then we tried out this 'LUGE' . This was fun.Its like getting on a flat board and sliding down a hill.It gets faster as you reach the bottom. Except this Luge can be steered down a track built just for it.It gets pretty fast. Taking the tight corners was fun!!!The kids loved it.

"Once is not enough" so says the poster. How true. So for another ride take the 'Skyride' back up to the starting point. Take note of the Luge track in the center of the photo and the height of the chair to imagine the gradient of the down slope.Yee ha!
Tree top views.
Next stop..Fort Siloso. I've been here many years ago but still found it interesting.

12 Pounder gun.
Guns , guns everywhere. Unfortunately it was pointed in the wrong direction.
I always thought that Lim Bo Seng originated from Ipoh because there is a road in Ipoh named after him. Now i know the story .

On the day i returned home it rained in the morning.By 730 when it stopped we left. Traffic at Woodlands and JB were clear and I was in and out of customs and immigration within half an hour.
Before i entered the highway I stopped over at MacDonalds for hot coffee (??) and a light snack.
Around noon we stopped at Dengkil rest area for "Kajang" satay and nasi impit.
I quite like the beef satay but it was hard today. The chicken satay was tender though. The additional bowl of red sambal is to add oomph to the satay kuah.

The scarred limestone hills of Simpang Pulai before the Ipoh toll booth. I'm home.

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