Thursday, May 3, 2007

I was away ...Labour day / wesak day

I was away…..sori for not posting.

It was a very long weekend… so I decided to take a drive to Singapore to visit a relative living there. I have a family of 4 hence driving down is more economical. This is the cost breakdown.

By bus
Bus ticket @RM125 / person rtn trip x 4 = RM500

By car
Toll – around RM74x2 (to n fro) – RM148
Petrol – actual : RM160 (still had a qtr tank balance when I got home. I was driving at a consistent 110-120km/h)
Parking chgs @HDB flat RM60 (Sunday and public holidays are free parking.)
Singapore Autopass permit RM23 (S$10. I still have a balance of S$2.80)
Total RM399

I left my house on Saturday at 645am and “checked in' at Singapore door by 330pm.There was no traffic jam (actually both ways were clear, lucky me) and encountered a slight jam only when passing thru Woodlands immigration.

I only used the car on Sunday when I went to visit some other relations. Other than that I used the MRT. It was fast and time definite.

The corridor to my relatives flat. Cooling plants along the entrance.

What to do in Singapore. Well, every time you go to an MRT station you have to pass through a shopping mall. So shop lar.

This is the view when you look up the exit to Boat Quay MRT station.

Chinatowns MRT station.
A poster of the movie High School Musical along the MRT corridor leading to Harbour Front MRT station.

Shopping...I was looking for some music notes and found this Yamaha store.They have taken up at least three qtr of this floor at Singapore PlazaColourfully decorated antique store at Chinatown.
Young shoes at Hougang Mall.

In Singapore you have to the MRT station, changing lines, to the malls..Unlike in Ipoh. From the house door..into the the car park the shop and vice versa. After all the walking I need my heavy meals because Singapore was so humid last rained early in the morning everyday i was there.Just some rice with soups..ling ow tong that sort...
They've even got this at the food court..just 2 stalls away from the nasi padang stall.....
How are the prices...put it this way ..the price is the same. Try not imagine it in S$ thats all.
Next: Sentosa..Lim Bo Seng...Highway meals...


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