Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Sungai Siput & Lion Hill

Whenever i drive to Sg Siput i will always look upwards to check if 'Lion Hill ' has changed . Nope. Its like its watching over the town all the time.Generally Sg Siput is a nice and clean town. The roads are wide and and the area is well maintained and tidy. You will notice this once you pass Kanthan and the LaFarge cement factory. Its a pleasant drive all the way up to Kuala Kangsar.

This is the Sg Siput railway Station on Jln Stesen. Its off the main road. The landmark to this junction is Fajar Supermarket. The building is the usual Railway station design.
But the station is neat and tidy.
The station is still in its original condition but its bright and cheery.

This is the Post office on the same road. (The railway station is on the right of the photograph)
The catholic church is at the back of the post office.
The building is decades old.
But inside there is air conditioning and its a pleasant enviroment.
St John the Baptist Church ...is situated on Jln Gereja...where else.. which runs parallel to Jln Stesen. There are Indian and Malay stalls along the road.
But whenever you look upwards from wherever you will see Lion Hill.

I recall going up Lion hill sometime in the eighties. The trip was organised by the Malayan Nature Society. (The colors on my photos are fading so i'm posting it in black and white.)

On the trek towards Lion hill.
There was a steep ladder there which would take you almost to the top. And there was aHindu shrine there then. Seems the ladder and shrine are gone now.
The shrine . Imagine meditating atop here. Must have been tranquil.

The view from the top.
The MNS members. Lion hill is in the background. How time flies.
Yup. That was good Sunday. Been there ..done that.


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