Sunday, April 1, 2007


Nowadays all cars look alike. Just view the Myvi or Savvy all have rounded bonnets. The old style was sharp & pointed for that aerodynamic draft to minimise wind resistance. So too for Fiat. Now who copied whom???

The classic look of yesteryear. Probably would look good to drive to a garden party.
Design looks abit oldish ...wonder if it can attract the young ladies.......
Wow the top opens up too....a cabriolet??
White upholstersed seats....hmm...boleh tahan lar!!

but whoaaa!....looks kinda small..and antique too..
geez...its a 1953.... Fiat Belvedere 500C...
I didn't know Fiat had such a model. I was only familar with the Fiat 600's.Looks pretty good this unit....paintwork , tyres...
Under the bonnet...whoa ..everything is in the wrong place..engine 1st..then the radiaTOR!! and the petrol tank ...all under the same this has to be a rengineered design...then.By the way other than the horn ( and of course the spark plugs) everything else is original.
Even the dashboard components ( sans the fan) is original..
All door handles....throughout
The tyres are the recomended model ie Michelin XZX 145SR15.
And also the hub cap is original . Enlarge the photo to view the embossed Fiat name.
Hmm, there should be more of these treasures around. Ipoh had lots of rich tin miner towkays those days who used to run around in these European automobiles. Don't forget, Cycle&Carriage, the importer of Mercedes Benz started in Ipoh...Get the picture..


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cool and cute car! :)