Sunday, April 22, 2007

Taman DR....along the Kinta River

While taking shots of Gunong Cheroh last Saturday I strolled into Taman DR from the side of the Kinta River. This park should be 50 years old this year ( maybe more) . Its original name was Coronation Park. The trees here look very mature. Below is a shady row of trees between 2 fields.
A view from atop the riverbank.The skating ring is on the right.
Sun shining thru at 930am.
A place to sembang2
Mature tree.
Old tree.
A view of the State Secretariat from the riverbank
Jogger stretching under the overshadowing trees on the walkway.
Scouts from the nearby Poi Lam school on patrol.
Yellow birds singing & playing in the trees.
Egrets along the river bund. These birds must have come from the Kinta Nature Park at Batu Gajah. ( the park is located along the Kinta River along the BG to Tg Tualang road)

This is a nice stretch of walkway along the river.

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