Monday, April 16, 2007

Paloh Khoo Miu Temple - an 135 year old Ipoh Temple

This is the first photograph I took of this temple Paloh Khoo Miu. I've lived in Ipoh all my life and didn't realise there was a temple here at the Peoples Park grounds next to the old town side of Hugh Low Street bridge until Chinese New Year this year after i read about it in Ipoh Forum, a local website.I was here for a book launch entitled 'Random Notes on Ipoh and its Surroundings' written by Mr Choo Choong Yin a local writer.I thought it was a novel idea to launch a book about old Ipoh stories at a temple so i went along.By the way i don't read chinese nor do i speak mandarin. Very kay por huh.Anyway ,I was surprised. The launch was at a hall at the side after you enter the temples prayer area. It was a lovely hall with plastered ceiling and air con. Old setting and modern facilites.Good blend.
I did't listen long and wandered outside.This temple had all the usual furniture. It was the outer building that interested me. It wasn't big but it had these murals on the wall with nice details.
Notice this mural on the left.
This is a close up. Looks real neat.Nice colors. I'm surprised it hasn't faded after a hundred years.Then i remembered this is the temple with the decorative roof.
True enough. This is the oldest temple in Ipoh with the 'celestial pearl' in the center of the roof.The roof itself is a work of art. I was in a hurry and decided to come back again.What i found out later about this temple is a wonderful heritage story that has grown alongside and together with Ipoh City.
Don't take my word for it. View the photo below and make the comparison. The main building hasn't really changed at all. Note the celestial pearl against the backdrop of the coconut trees. Cool huh. Its no wonder they held a book launch here.

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