Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Flowers any weather .

Flowers have the ability to brighten up any location despite the weather condition , heavy rain or hot sunshine. The next three photographs were taken after an evening shower which we have been having lately.

Red ginger flowers looking refreshed after a shower.Small red flowers that fell onto a black driftwood log.Red flowers seem to stand out after a shower.
Same location. The red flowers, black log and violet flowers make for a cooling combination.
The next batch of photos were taken this morning around 10 till 113oam around the pomelo orchard areas at Tambun/Ampang area.

Even this 5 angled vegetable ( see ling tao) has its own flower.
Hibiscus flowers growing wild.There were a few of these bushes around. Coincidentally there was a Jalur Gemilang next to this bush.Makes you want to salute.haha.
A close up shot. The lighting was perfect.This hibiscus bush was with a bush with those yellow flowers in the right hand corner.
Wild flowers growing along the roadside. The hills behind are the main range
Same location but looking east towards Tambun.
Whoever is growing these flowers has a good flair for mix n match.


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