Monday, April 16, 2007

Paloh Khoo Miu Temple...part 2. the courtyard and entrance.

Before i take you into the temple i will show you the courtyard. Directly opposite the front entrance a wishing pond with a dragon has been erected. It is not fully completed but already looks grand.Lotus flowers are growing in the pond.
The dragon of the wishing pond.
Before the entrance is an outdoor altar carved from a single slab of black marble. Was told it weighs 6 tons.
This pair of playful looking lions were on either side of the front entrance.

This hanging ' boat' was on top of the entrance.
This 'boat' has a pair of phoenix on either side.
There were lots of figurines inside and it resembled scenes from a chinese opera.
Once you enter the temple take a look at the left and right doors. These two figures are painted on the door.

Next: Part 3 will show you the prayer area , Hall of Historical Relics and the the Roof outside.


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