Thursday, April 5, 2007

Jalan-jalan to .....Sitiawan

Went to Sitiawan last weekend for the World Youth Day mass held at St Francis de Lasales church in Sitiawan. Since i was not sure of the way i arrived into Sitiawan too early.With time on my hand i cruised around looking for some local breakfast. If you are not familiar with a town, head to a crowded coffee shop like this one called restoran Sin Ek Sek.You are bound to find something tasty.
This was the menu on the board. I noticed most people were ordering the kichap mee so i did the same.
The order came quite fast despite the the large number of customers.The kichap mee was pretty good. ..not exactly my flavour. But add the Kampong Koh chilly sauce and the flavours comes to life...
This is the order slip per table. Pretty neat arrangement.
At the back of the shop there was a stall selling tow sar pheng...all freshly baked.

These bisquits are laid out on these trays and placed in the oven....
Baking these bisquits doesn't take long , probably because of the oven being used.I noticed the sifu would open the oven door and turn around the trays ever so often.
The end result is delicious & fresh tow sar pheng. This is really good.
This is what i saw on the shelf..Kg Koh chilly sauce bottles. For those not familiar with Sitiawan Kg Koh is a village in Sitiawan famous for its yummy seafood and also its chilly sauce...
Seems the shop is run by 2 brothers..1 handling the noodles and the other tow sar pheng.Good set up.Have breakfast and buy some snacks for the folks back home..all in 1 place... post will be some random shots of Sitiawan and Lumut.


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