Saturday, April 7, 2007

Happy Easter from OMPH Ipoh

Happy Easter to my fellow Christians.. I attended the Easter vigil yesterday evening.. Its Easter, the time when our Lord is Risen to save us......OMPH volunteers preparing for the Easter vigil yesterday 7th April
The last rehersal in the afternoon.....
Getting ready for the ceremony for blessing of the fire and lighting of the Paschal candle.
..ready to go...
Catechumens and Sponsors outside the church ....
Inside ..the 1st stage ..the Light of Christ entering the church. The empty pews are for the Catechumens and Sponsors.
The Light of Christ being brought in. Parishoners light their candles from the Paschal candle.

The 3rd stage ..the Paschal candle is placed in the centre aisle.
The Catechumens and Sponsors take their seats.
Cathecumens reciting the litany of saints.
..the blessing of the water.
...baptism of the Catechumens
..the presentation of the light walk in the light of Christ
..the Sacrement of Confirmation of adults and teenagers....
...saying the Lords prayer as one big family..

Alleluia .. Happy Easter .

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