Monday, April 16, 2007

Paloh Khoo Miu Temple ...Ipoh .Part 3... the prayer area ..relics and the roof top.

Inside the temple........ as you walk towards the altar these ceremonial instruments ( lances?) line the way on both sides. This is the front prayer hall .
This greeting tablet originated from China and it faces toward the altar.
Another view of the altar.
This is the inner altar where the principal deity of Tai Pak Koong is placed
Some of the ritual vessels in front of the inner altar.

These instruments have nice designs on them. Think it resembles feng shui symbols.
Isn't this the design of the eternal knot with the wu loh.
A symbol of yin and yang ?
At the side of the temple the committee has a 'Hall of Historical Relics' where they placed all of their statues in glass cabinets for display. Is that a golden tortoise there...

Looks like a water color painting of the temple there.

I enjoyed looking at the laughing buddha. Makes you want to smile.
We will proceed to view the roof top. Below is the overview of the temple.Pls note 1) the flat roof ridge ...2) the vertical beams on either side of the roof..with the lions perched on the top and 3) the wood border immediately under the roof tiles.
1) the flat roof ridge ( this is a cantonese design) ....with elaborately designed figures . I've taken six photos of them in sequence from the left to the right wall.
..the fish tail writhing..there are 2 of said to be swimming against the current which is a symbol of the importance of hard work. the center is the 'celestial pearl' ..was told that ' it represents the the sun and the male yang force '

2) these figurines are on the left and right beams .

Below is an idea of what the wooden borders below the roof tiles look like. These are wood carvings.
The temple committe. Second from the left is the temple President Mr Ho Fah See.
On the morning i went to the temple the committee had invited the chinese dailies for a press statement regarding their 135th anniversary. Although i told them i was not with the press they still handed me a prepared memo which i have posted below.
It is a good summary of the growth of the temple. Actually its like the temple and Ipoh grew up together. I noted some interesting points like ...the deity was brought to Paloh in a boat from Telok Intan that is upriver all the engine but poling all the way upriver!!
Also note the names of Yau Tet Shin and Lau Pak Kuan.

Walking thru this temple is like a lesson on Ipoh culture.


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