Monday, April 9, 2007

the Lotus ponds along Jalan Tambun

The drive along Jalan Tambun to Tanjung Rambutan has always been a scenic drive because of the proximity of the nearby hills. Now with development taking place in the vicinity of Bandar Sunway the greenery is being replaced with red rooftops.However as the green surroundings are being cleared what is being revealed is the number of Lotus ponds that have been thriving around the area like this pond beyond where the tractor is.
This area is before the entrance to Bandar Sunway.
There is a rather large Lotus pond. It seems to blend in with the limestone hill in the background.
Lately across the road too the undergrowth along the road had been cleared revealing another pond in front of this columbarium.
Lotus flowers , limestone hills , local culture...its so Tambun...well... Tambun pomeloes are missing from the picture..
Doubt if the ponds will last for long though. These ponds going toward Tg Rambutan seem to be choking. Well we've still got the scenic hills.

Cheers !

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