Thursday, April 5, 2007

jalan2 to Sitiawan ...... (2)

Walking back to my car i noticed all the corner shoplots had an extended balcony above the five foot way below.It reminded me of those townhouses i sometimes see of New Orleans or Sydney.
I suspect this shoplot has been converted to a swiftlet hotel. I see small ports sticking out from where windows used to be.
The other shoplot across the same junction. What is more interesting is this light green pastel color that all these buildings seem to have like it is the favourite colour of these Dinding residents. Just view the next few shots.

This building is across the road.
At the next block.

Even a new building has a touch of green. Is this colour called Dindings green?
A view of both sides of the street.
But this street is called jalan besar and also old town. I didn't see this color in the newer section of Sitiawan. Anyway when i got to my car my rear tyre was flat and i was pretty late for the mass.

Got a few shots of Sitiawan left and some shots of Lumut. Will post right after this,


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wengyw said...

hi Kinta Kid... it's Paloh here... nice blog... i just love those lovely photos, especially the mural shop lots... thank goodness u captured those priceless heritage which is just waiting its fate to come... sigh... maybe i can show that to my children one day when i have... dunno how long can these murals stand... ya, I know one of the lady in ur OMPH pic, she's Mrs tan kah chuan, former SMI english teacher...