Monday, April 23, 2007

Tuck Kee Restaurant ...tar pau....

Was in the Pasir Puteh / Pinji area few evenings back and passed by this place.....Me and the family eat here sometimes and would order some of their grilled meat before the main meal arrives. Thought i'd tar pau some today.
These guys have their price list very visibly displayed.
They have a digital weighing machine. This is what i asked for and this was what it cost.
This is what is available.
Neat working area. I always like the stainless steel.
Had this as one of the dinner dishes. Be sure to ask for the 'tao cheong sauce ' as well as the chilly sauce.



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earl-ku said...

i think this the most honest and earnest lap mei restaurant ... but i think only restaurant like this will have a weighing machine for the "lap mei"

normally in KL, they just agak agak and potong ... unless u go to the market ones la ...