Monday, May 7, 2007

Ipoh Cave Temple- Kek Lok Tong, Gunung Rapat.

Kek Lok Tong is situated in the Gunung Rapat area. Unlike the other cave temples around Ipoh Kek Lok Tong is very wide. The cave entrance is wide and high and it has a hidden valley at the back which looks like shangrila when you view it for the first time.

This is the road leading towards the temple. From here it looks like the usual cave temple.
A statue of the Goddess of Mercy is located at the entrance. Incidentally the Malayan Nature Society has identified 124 species of birds that live in the area of this cave temple. And the car park area where the entrance is located has a fair amount of species one of which is the Java sparrow.
The entrance.The ceiling is wayyyy up there. Feels like a wind channel when you enter.
The view looking out towards G.Rapat is beautiful
As you walk to the back of the cave you will notice these brass statues.
The statue of Buddha sits overlooking the back entrance and the hidden valley below
A frontal view of the brass statues.
The view of the hidden valley from the back entrance.There are 2 ponds 1 of which is a lotus pond. The power line is on the left while the white factory ahead is associated with the limestone industry.
The garden here is well taken care of. It has a footpath and a reflexology path.

This place should look terrific once all the the trees mature.
The lotus pond and chinese roofed gazebo.
Another view of the lotus pond looking towards the cave.

A view of the cave entrance from the side of the garden.

A huge back entrance.
This toilet seems to blend in with its surroundings.
A terrapin on the rock relaxing in the evening sun.
Local residents having their evening exercise.Those limestone cliffs are massive.
Time to go. Back thru the brass statue again.
...and out the main entrance towards the car park. This cave entrance is really huge.Lovely!
Everybody should visit this place. It is worth it.


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